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Archie’s Story

Archie Ronald made his entrance into this world on the 27th of November 2015.  Our bright eyed boy filled the hole that was always empty within my heart. He gave the word love a whole new meaning for us. Archie’s first six months were like everyone else’s, he learnt to roll, sit, eat and babble.

He was a little slower than other children his age but doctors put it down to his weight, he was definitely a chubby boy. On Archie’s first birthday he sat and opened his gifts.

​He was so full of joy and happiness. I can remember the day so clearly. His blonde locks sticking up, his eyes filled with hope and his smile lighting up the room.

We had no idea what the next one and half years were going to look like.

A few weeks after Archie’s birthday he began to fall when we would sit him up, he was losing strength in his arms and daily tasks like eating or moving his arms were becoming a challenge. My husband, Caleb and I decided it was time to dig deeper into what was happening with our sweet boy.

We made many trips to Sydney, NSW. 700km from our tiny little town in rural NSW. After what felt like a life time we got our answer… Tay-Sachs. I sat in Archie’s hospital room and googled until I could not google anymore. I read every symptom and feared the future.

Archie has a feeding tube implanted into his stomach to help with his feeding issues and we headed home to soak in all the time we had left. After Archie’s diagnosis he went down hill rapidly.

The days became shorter and the pain in our chest grew deeper. On May 2nd 2018 our sweet baby bear took his last breath at the tender age of two and a half.

Archie’s journey was long and it was hard on all of us but we know Archie chose us for a reason.

He chose his mummy and daddy because he knew we could give him the best care he needed. We loved him with all we had and made sure he was happy and content.

I would never take back anything we’ve been through because Archie gave us the most amazing two and a half years and he’s left us with a life time of love.

Archie’s Mum

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